Sunday, 17 October 2010


On Wednesday 13th October the Tunbridge Wells & District Writing Circle held their first meeting of the season with a literary quiz. I am pleased to report that the quiz was very well attended by both members and visitors and the happy smiles around the room bore witness to the good time had by all.

Our new venue at the St John’s Church rooms Tunbridge Wells was also a hit with attendees. It was reported that people found the room more comfortable and the building, in general, had a good atmosphere about it.

The Quiz.

Whose recent autobiography is entitled “Through My Eyes?” I asked the teams of two.

David Blunkett was the wrong answer but it did bring a laugh to the proceedings.

Sitting at the front, firing questions to tax the old grey matter, I was sure I could hear the sound of cogs turning in a wheel and the odd looks of frustration, when the answers were teetering on the tips of tongues, made me wonder if I had made the quiz too difficult?

Well not for Katrina and Maurie, who won with a whopping 20 points. Both contestants were pleased to win a book voucher for their efforts.

Their photo can be seen above, posing with the winning answer paper.

There was time afterwards to chat amongst ourselves and I feel we all gained something from the evening.

So if you would like to come along to our next meeting it will be held on the 10th November at the same venue. Remember to prepare your 250 word piece of fiction on one of the following topics.

Rebellion – Reflections – Remembrance.

If you would like to take part and have the chance of winning a prize, with your piece of writing, then e-mail me with your intention of participating and/ or coming along. You will be very welcome. (Places for participating are limited)


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