Saturday, 23 October 2010


I am pleased to announce the 2010 winners of both the Brian Darby (Victorian Vase) and Anne Worboys Prize.

The winner of the Brian Darby prize is awarded to the person, whom the circle members believe, has contributed most to the running of the Tunbridge Wells & District Writers' Circle.

It is of no surprise that Catriona Robb, our current Secretary, was voted to be the recipient of this prize. Catriona works tirelessly to make sure the Circle runs both efficiently and successfully. I am sure I speak on behalf of everybody in thanking her for the work that she does for our benefit.

Catriona, and in fact, the whole committee put many hours of voluntary work into the circle. It would be lovely if we could all support them by attending the activities they organise.

Below is the picture of Catriona with the Victorian Vase presented to her at the Literary Quiz.

The winner of the Anne Warboys Prize is awarded for writing endeavour.
This year we have a very worthy winner in Linda Smith. Linda is a member of both the script writing group and the chic lit group. Throughout the year she has been writing prolifically and has sent off her work to over 37 different publishers, the BBC Writing room being one of those. She is still waiting to hear about the success of many pieces of her work so we wish her every success with those.
If Linda can teach us anything it is to get our work out there. We will never be successful if we don’t at least try.
Linda can be seen in the picture below receiving her prize.

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