Monday, 14 June 2010

AGM and The Benefits of Being a Member of a Writing Circle.

On Wednesday 9th May the circle held its 2010 AGM at the Camden Centre.
Thank you to all those members who attended and all contributors. Being new to the circle it was nice to put names to faces and catch up with writing pals. Whilst the wine flowed we were soon discussing the business of the circle.

New officers were elected for the role of Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and thanks were given, for the hard work and commitment, of those who have recently stood down.

One of the topics brought up was the possibility of us having our own web page to help attract fresh blood to the circle. This would be a real bonus for the circle. After all, if we need information these days,it is to the internet, most of us turn. A quick prompt to Google and we soon have our answer. As a new member, I had great difficulty in finding a writing circle in Tunbridge Wells. A chance encounter led me in the direction of TW&DWC. An encounter I am very grateful for.

And why am I grateful? Well I am sure I am not the only one who finds writing a lonely occupation - hour upon hour, fingers at the keyboard, tapping away at our work in progress, barely pausing long enough to eat, look out of the window or feed the cat. That is our lot as writers.

Some of us may be lucky to have family or friends who will listen to us rattling on about our characters, plots or dialogue, but most of us don’t. I certainly don’t. In fact my requests are met by a unanimous groan from my two grown up sons.

There is nothing better than being able to sit down and discuss your story, play or novel with like minded folk. People who are going to take your writing seriously and not begrudge the time you time spend writing, when you could be doing something much more constructive, like washing the car or making the dinner.

A writing circle is a great place to share your writing concerns, brainstorm ideas, and get constructive criticism from people who know what they are talking about. The advice I have been given has proved invaluable. Often, it just takes a fresh pair of eyes or ears to transform your writing. That word that has remained frustratingly on the end of your tongue is plucked from nowhere by a writing pal and you may wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before.

As writers we all have different strengths. Some of us are good at dialogue. Others, the nitpickers, can spot those tiny mistakes that would have gone unnoticed, whilst some are great at seeing the bigger picture and can advise on structure or plot. In a good and functioning writing circle it is like having a bag of tools at your disposal – a mixed bag of support, encouragement and advice.

I am sure as writers you have had times when you lacked the motivation to write. When the page remains frustratingly blank and your muse has packed its case and gone off on holiday. Being a member of a writing circle can help in these times too. It helps to keep you focussed; other members can encourage and inspire you. It can be somewhere to vent your frustrations, cry and wail if you must. Often there is goal setting to help you keep on track and not lose sight of your goals.

With so many advantages why wouldn’t you want to be a member – or attend if you are?
So, if you’ve lost contact with your writing group, I urge you to reconnect and if you are an active member – Spread the word.


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