Thursday, 6 May 2010

Script Writing group coming on apace

Last night was the monthly meeting of the script writing workshop and as usual we met, socialised, read each other's work and gave constructive criticism.

Four members shared with us last night, although one shared news and a synopsis rather than a piece of an actual script. This is perfectly acceptable - if you want to get the synopsis right, your fellow writers can help. This member has been asked to write a script for a short film, to be made by a film maker and entered into a competition. We wish them good luck. It isn't the first collaboration between them, nor is it this film maker's first entry into the world of film competitions. We wait eagerly for news.

Another member is writing a "Movie of the Week" a very popular type of film that American TV companies favour. It isn't an easy thing to do, since they are rigidly set out and the story has to be real and believable, gripping and yet fit into very tight guidelines on timing and sequence. I am full of awe that the writer in question seems to be accomplishing this balancng act.

A third member is writing a four part TV serial, a historical story set in Italy. We've not read much of the script so far, but we're all hooked and desperate to know what happens next.

The last piece was the first scene of a stage play, which I am writing. I received a great deal of good quality feedback, good ideas for how to tweak it and make it better, things that will make it flow more smoothly. As usual, I came away fired up and wanting to write the next piece.

If you think you'd like to join us for the workshop, we meet once a month, typically on the first Wednesday. We bring a short piece of work and we ask other members of the group to read/act the character parts so the writer gets a chance to hear the dialogue in a mouth other than their own. We then criticise the piece, making suggestions and observations. We look at all scripts - sketches and longer pieces, radio, stage, TV and film. We share news of festivals, competitions and courses, and information and how-to advice with each other.

New members are always welcome to bring work, or maybe just sit in and see if they like us.

If you'd like to know more about the workshop, contact the Circle chairman at

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