Friday, 26 March 2010

Writing fiction for women group

The workshops are one of the main attractions of the Tunbridge Wells Writer’s Circle. Here, writers read their work and receive constructive criticism. Each workshop concentrates on a different writing discipline, and the friendly advice and criticisms are incisive and valuable.

Until February 2010, there were four workshops: two were for novelists and catered for a wide range of works, whilst a third was for script writers and the fourth was for people writing short stories and articles. Each group meets monthly and some members just attend one group whilst others attend two or more. They are all conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in people's homes.

However, speaking with writers both inside and outside the circle, we discovered there was a demand for a fifth workshop, this one based on genre rather than writing type. Some people, men as well as women, who write for a mainly female readership felt they’d be happier reading to others who wrote for the same audience, rather than in a more varied group. Thus, the fiction for women group has come into being.

The first meeting was on Wednesday February 17th and three people turned up, including one lady who was new to the circle. By the March meeting, our number had increased to five and we hope to add more.

Anyone who writes for a target audience that is predominantly female is welcome to join us. It doesn’t matter whether you, the writer, are male or female, writing short stories, articles, or novels. If you write for women, feel free to join us.

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Karen said...

I was the new to the group and thoroughly enjoyed it. The feedback and encouragment was really appreciated.


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