Friday, 26 March 2010

Tunbridge Wells Writing Circle

We're a friendly group of writers based in and around Tunbridge Wells. The circle was started over 40 years ago, and has been going strong ever since.

We cater for all writers, whether they are old or young, male or female, experienced or just learning their craft. Some of our members are published, others are not, but we all meet on an even platform here.

Among our members we have novelists, script writers, short story writers, magazine journalists, you name it, really.

Once a month we have a meeting when all members are invited to come together. More often than not, we have a guest speaker at this meeting. Past speakers have included Jonathan Gash, who wrote the Lovejoy books, Tamara McKinley, whose blockbusters sell in the millions all over the globe, and Simon Brett, who wrote "After Henry" for the BBC.

As well as these monthly meetings, we hold several workshops every month, and members are welcome to go to as few or as many as they feel they want to join. Each workshop is dedicated to a different type of writing, to ensure the advice you get is as relevant to your work as possible, and the criticism is constructive, friendly and often profound. I've come home with a comment playing on my mind, only to wake up next morning with a whole new sub plot and a much more satisfying piece of work.

The workshops encompass general novel writing, short story and article writing, script writing and writing fiction aimed at women readers.

Feel like joining us? Contact our chairman, Hilary Mackelden at, or see our Facebook Page,

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Melusine said...

I very much recommend this group. It has helped me tremendously.

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