Thursday, 3 March 2011


At the moment we are studying analogy for my degree course. As a writer I love language and words. I feel I have written well if the language is enjoyable. When I read I get really excited over words and how the writer has used them. I like the images they conjure up and the sound and feel of them on my lips.

One of the exercises I was asked to do was to find a picture of someone involved in an unusual occupation, possibly one that has been superseded by modern technology. I chose the picture below of a chimney sweep. I then had to come up with as many analogies as possible and note whether they were similes or metaphors. I had such fun doing this and it occurred to me that as writers we spend very little time honing our craft and we forget the pleasure this can bring.

My challenge to you dear reader, is to do this exercise yourself. Use the picture posted here and post your analogies in the comment box. I can't offer any prize but I hope that you will have fun doing it and reading other contributions.

I look forward to reading yours. Here are a few I came up with.

The soot ferret blackened his snout.

The chimney gave birth to its labourer.

The sweep swept the gullet before it choked on its bile.


Alex said...

Tunnel Vision

Poetess said...

That's a good one Alex. Thanks for contribution.

Hilary said...

Giving him the brush off.

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