Thursday, 3 February 2011

Getting yourself out there!

When I was younger, I believed that "talent would out". I'd been given the ability to use the written word effectively, and all I had to do was practice my craft, hone it, and eventually success would be mine. Right?


Would that things were that simple. If only we could do our best, write our masterpieces and watch as, magically, the world clamours to read them. If only creating the piece was enough.

It isn't. A writer can be as gifted as Shakespeare, as astute as Austen, as witty as Wilde, but it does no good if the world is not made aware. Readers don't search for us in the dark shadows of our anonymity; we have to jump into the light and attract them.

But how?

Our guest speaker this month can answer that question. David Taylor of 2010Media ( will show us how to use the internet, and particularly social media, to our advantage, allowing us to showcase both ourselves and our work, tapping into markets that would otherwise be closed to us, networking, building contacts and increasing our chances of success. Come along, hear what he has to say, and take advantage of his expertise.

The talk is on Wednesday February 9th at 8pm and is at St John's Church Centre (opposite the M and S Garage as you go from Tunbridge Wells into Southborough). Writers Circle members £1.50, non members £2.50.

Hope to see you there.

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