Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I’ve blogged before on the subject of new starts but there is never a better time than the New Year. Tomorrow the decorations can be boxed away, enclosing all that glitter and glitz in old card board boxes that have seen better days. But where was it you stored them? Surely there wasn’t room.

Thankfully the cards can be recycled and the tree shredded but the needles still clog up your choking hoover. But isn’t it exhilarating to get back to normal? To not have to think about shopping, stuffing, crackers and the like.

So what are you going to think about?

Might I suggest your writing? That project you filed away in a drawer for another day, that story that has jingled around in your head along with the jingle bells.

It’s time to spring clean your house and time to spring clean your writing folder. Dig out all that discarded writing, dust it off and look at it with fresh eyes. It’s amazing what potential you might find. You might find, you now know just how to liven up your characters, give more depth to that weak plot, and give your dialogue more punch. And if you really can’t recycle it, then why not start a new project.

Whatever you do – write. No more excuses, no more diversions, no more procrastination.

The time is now and now is the time.

Should you feel inspired, follow the link below for a list of writing competitions.


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Norma J said...

Excellent words Karen, especially the ones about no more procrastination! Here's to plenty of success for existing Circle members and an influx of new writers to liven the group up again!

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