Thursday, 2 December 2010


Thank you to David, (writers' circle member) for his contribution to the blog. Here are some of his Haiku inspired by the month of December.

December Haiku

Crisp snow underfoot
Crunching like wrapping paper
My White Christmas gift.

A bright star shining
Children's heads draped with tea-towels
Mothers' hearts aching.

An ocean of smiles
Chorus of children’s voices
‘Oh no it isn’t’

The cocky robin
Puffed red chest now deflated
Don't argue with cats

Skaters on the ice
Swimmers circling below
Two worlds colliding

Breath made visible
Swirls through scarves over noses
from lips flushed crimson


Norma J said...

Love it!
Well done David - captures the essence really well although sadly my lips are flushed an attractive blue at the moment...!

Poetess said...

Mine too Norma.

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