Sunday, 14 November 2010

'Inviting You To Write' Night

Last Wednesday the writers' circle came together for their monthly meeting. This month we held a "Inviting you to Write" evening. I am glad to report that it was a great success and everyone had a very enjoyable evening.

It is always good to hear stories written from the same prompts but with individual interpretations. There was a high standard of writing and a good variety of stories.
Our new member Gerry, wrote a story 'A FEEBLE CASE OF NON-CONFORMITY'. We were pleased to see 94 year old Maxine, an x member of the circle. She wrote an interesting piece entitled REBELLION, about the suffragette movement.

Our winner of the evening was Sheila Alcock with her story "MAN'S WORK".
Runners up were Phillip Arrand with "REELECTIONS ON THE LIFE AND DEATH OF JONATHON HALL" and Caroline Mazzey with "FINAL SCORE".

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